This is a list in no specific order of my personal favorite UFO videos. Yes odds are some of these could be faked. But I want you to also consider how unlikely it is that all of these videos are fake. I'm no special effects expert but I bet at least one of these videos is 100% real and that alone is enough to blow my mind. This page will be updated regularly, my most recent find will be posted on the top.


Milwaukee : Date Unknown | Source: World Star Hip Hop

I had to post this video just because it is very funny and unique to others like it because of the commentary. The response from this man is a little over bearing but definitely hilarious. I'm glad he filmed the event and I'm glad he had this reaction because it shows authenticity in my opinion.

Reasons I support this video:

  • The mans reaction seems genuine as do the others with him
  • No obvious CGI
  • Definitely unconventional aircraft or crafts
  • Unusual activity and placement for military flares
  • Does not appear to be swamp gas or plasma



June 2016 : Contact in the Desert CE: 5

This is awesome footage from an annual UFO research event known as Contact in the Desert located in Joshua Tree, California. This is a CE:5 event witnessed by about 2,000 attendees. I personally have witnessed this type of phenomena with my friends many times during our CE: 5 outings. A CE:5 is Close Encounters of the fifth kind. (human initiated contact Via consciousness, meditation and remote viewing) Obviously to those who have never witnessed something as magical as a CE: 5, this would be hard to believe and may sound crazy but I personally have witnessed this myself after watching videos about it.

Reasons I support this video:

  • Contact in the Desert is the biggest most established UFO event in the world
  • This was filmed by a film crew not a guy with a cell phone
  • There are thousands of witnesses
  • I have witnessed similar encounters personally



9/14/2014 : UFO flies out of crater on the moon

Source: Amateur Astronomer's submission to Secure Team

Secure Team has been known for mixing their own fake videos among real videos. This one I'm not 100% sure about because of their credibility.

Reasons I Support this Video:

  • Moon does not appear to be CGI
  • Shadow on the crater as UFO flies out
  • UFO movement is consistent


Japan 2011 : UFO stops possible missile in it's tracks

Source: Youtuber Isaac Wilee

I don't have any information on the person who recorded this video but after watching this a few times it seems legitimate to me. If this really is a UFO stopping a missile I am very impressed and not surprised that ET's would have that capability. If anybody can translate the dialogue in this video please email me a transcript ASAP.

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • The object is too small to be the moon
  • Projectile is not high enough to be blocked by the atmosphere (in my opinion)
  • Projectile was obviously directed towards the UFO
  • The projectile appears to have been stopped or destroyed
  • Projectile disrupted in its tracks shows sign of intelligent intervention


5/29/2015 : UFO flies at impossible speeds through volcanic eruption

Location: Japanese island of Kuchinoerabu-jima

Source: ThirdPhaseOfMoon

Again thirdphaseofmoon is also known for mixing their own fake videos with more realistic ones so I am skeptical but still curious about this one.

UFO flies at impossible speeds through the ash of an erupting volcano on a southern Japanese Island. The volcanic eruption at the beginning is the volcano eruption in real time. The video is then dramatically slowed down, revealing what appears to be an orb-like UFO.

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • No obvious signs of CGI (in my opinion)
  • UFO movement is consistent
  • Not A still image, ash is slowly moving in the background
  • UFO is consistent with change in contrast and video



2/15/2013 : UFO possibly saves Russian people from a meteor strike

Location: Skies of Russia

This footage is amazing. I'm not sure if this was filmed by a camera on someone's dash but if it wasn't that is some divine timing if I do say so myself. I do not see any signs of CGI in this. The potential reality of this video brings me a few questions. Who is piloting the craft, us or an extra-terrestrial? If it was an ET, did they do this to save us? Or could this meteor have possibly been a threat to one of their bases on Earth?

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • Unlikely footage was faked
  • Object is saucer or disc shaped
  • Object appears from tail of the meteor
  • Objects speed greatly surpasses the meteors in a very short time
  • After slicing through meteor, object maintains its trajectory with no loss of momentum
  • Debris erupts from region that the UFO cut through


1/28/2011 : UFO descends upon the Temple Mount (Dome of the Rock)

Location: Jerusalem

This video has all 4 known angles of the UFO at the Temple Mount. I remember when I actually saw some of this footage on the news. I was mind blown. There's a buzz about some of this footage being still frame but I don't buy it cause I don' see it myself. I remember a lot of people freaking out because they believed this was the second coming of Jesus.

Reasons I Support The Video:

  • If it was CGI, why go with such a low quality?
  • Recorded from 4 different angles
  • Many witnesses to this event



1997 : Saucer shaped UFO flies over Mexico City

Source: The Disclosure Project, Steven Greer, Enrique Kolbeck

This video was filmed from a major airport in Mexico city. The video was released in Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project. (Click here for video) The video was submitted to Dr. Greer by Enrigue Kolbeck who is a Senior Air Traffic Controller at Mexico City Intl. Airport. This footage is one of my favorites because I have personally seen 2 UFOs very similar to this.

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • The Disclosure Project, Dr. Greer and the source are highly credible sources
  • I have personally seen 2 UFOs very similar to this one
  • The classic wobble in the UFO's flight is the exact same wobble I witnessed from the UFOs I saw



Vero Beach, FL February, 2015 : Giant UFOs appear at CE-5 gathering

Source: Dr. Steven Greer & CSETI

This is another sighting similar to ones my friends and I have seen as well. In this video the lights stay there much longer than the ones we have seen. They also differ in color from the blue and green ones we have seen. This sighting is epic. (Keep in mind this is taking place at night, they are just using expensive cameras) Call them flares if you want but I've never seen military flares look like this. This particular group is participating in a CE-5. the fifth kind of ET contact, human initiated. These people are using the practices of meditation and remote viewing to send out their own messages or location signals out into the cosmos for any beings who may be out there. At first I was skeptical to this practice until my friends and I tried it for ourselves. Long story short I will be writing an E-book for this site of our experiences with this practice.

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • CSETI & Dr. Greer are respected and credible sources
  • I have seen similar sightings with friends
  • CSETI does not fake videos they document 100s of sessions
  • Does not in my opinion look like flares.



Mt. Shasta, California : Clips of anomalous activity

Source: CSETI & Dr. Greer

This video contains a few clips from CSETI's Mt. Shasta expeditions. I posted this video specifically because of the first clip. That type of sighting of which I consider a signal or contact as well, my friends and I have witnessed over a hundred times. One night in particular We received that same type of flash of light every 30 seconds for a period of 10 minutes. Before that we would receive 2-10 every night we went out. It's the most common type of activity that we witness during our sessions.

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • Credible Source
  • My friends and I have witnessed the first activity over 100 times in one year
  • Camera is in night vision, no plane or satellite left behind the flash



Montage of Lasers and UFOs in night vision

Source: Unenslaved2012

This video is the video that inspired me to buy my first military grade laser pointer. I can definitely attest to the fact that UFOs react to laser signals. (Never point directly at them) We prefer circling a large region around the UFO. Odds are at least one of these clips is genuine.

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • Satellites do not react to lasers
  • There are signs of intelligence in the maneuvering and lighting of the objects
  • My friends and I have witnessed very similar activity many times


UFO sightings in the Middle East

Source: US Marines according to video

If the source of these clips is really U.S. Marines in the Middle East, that is an awesome source. The objects in the first clip are anomalous because they are bright and stationary. Most if not all conventional aircraft that we have does not sit stationary. If this is really marines then I'm sure they would know if those were flares or drones.

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • Source might be U.S. Marines
  • Does not appear to be CGI
  • Triangle craft I have seen in many other photos and videos
  • Triangle craft could be a TR-3B which is a black ops spaceship that uses reverse engineered technology. (More details on the TR-3B will be posted)



Pennsylvania October, 2009 : UFO with laser beam and other clips

Source: Alison Kruse

This montage of clips comes from Alison Kruse, and I chose this video mainly because of the first clip. The first thing I love is the way she says "look a searchhh beammm," and the fact that the object in question is shooting some sort of laser is epic.

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • Can be sourced to someone
  • Night Vision is used
  • Planes and Drones don't vanish
  • I have seen many UFOs blink similarly and vanish similarly



September 12, 1991 : UFO fired at in NASA's footage
Source: Nasa

This footage comes from NASA's STS-48 mission. STS-48 was a space shuttle mission launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The camera is on board NASA's space shuttle Discovery. This is the full length unedited clip so the event can be easily missed if you don't watch carefully. 1 minute and 30 seconds into the video you should notice an orb of light emerge directly in the center below where the earth curves. This orb comes out of nowhere. flies in a path and after a flash of light makes an impossible turn and intelligently avoids a potentially earth or satellite based energy weapon like a rail gun or something that is obviously fired at it. (FYI the MINOR flashes of light on earth is lightning the MAJOR flash has to come from the source of the projectile in question.) Shortly after the event NASA tells the Astronauts to "dump the water" and as they are being instructed to do so the camera is lowered away from where the incident took place. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • Source is NASA
  • Orb comes from nowhere
  • Seems to have been fired at
  • Projectile is too fast and powerful to be a conventional missile
  • Orb intelligently avoids projectile and makes impossible turn



Kumburgaz, Turkey 2009 : Beings seen through window of UFO

Source: Watchers 7, L.A. Marzulli,  Dr. Roger Leir

The title of this video is fear porn in my opinion but the footage is incredible. The video was filmed by Yalcin Yalman. I have seen a very similar craft to this one much closer than the one is in this video. The lights on the one I saw looked like snake eyes in the sky and I could see a rounded shape to the craft. In this video though you can strongly speculate that you are witnessing a few alien-grey looking beings. I personally believe it is authentic and legitimate. (Full 46 minute video of kumburgaz sightings)

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • Credible Sources
  • Witnessed similar craft myself
  • Video has been analyzed by multiple parties including the Turkish Govt.



Malaysia, 2015 : Saucer fly by

Classic flying saucer sighting. High quality may cause one to think it's fake but based on the way it's filmed I do not believe that to be so.

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • I have seen 2 flying saucers myself
  • Craft has the classic wobble in its flight like the ones i have seen in person and numerous videos
  • Camera man continues panning the shot as if he expected the craft to still be visible
  • If it was fake I would assume they would continue the crafts path beyond the trees



May 17, 2016 : UFO filmed from weather camera in Australia

Source: Prep Aussie

This was filmed from a weather camera on top of a water tower in Queensland, Australia May 17, 2016 at 7:09pm.

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • UFO lights up large area of the water as it brightens up
  • UFO is moving at unconventional speeds
  • FAA regulated aircraft don't have that color light
  • Too fast for a drone
  • Maneuvering is unconventional
  • No Obvious CGI
  • I have personally seen this same trajectory and color from an object in person that was a fiery orange but did not have that speed, it was very slow but it did start from the horizon and fade out directly above us.



California, 2015 : UFO ejects from meteor like object

Source: Earth Space News

Is this another UFO saving us from a meteor? Or is this a crashing ship ejecting an emergency pod or craft to get its occupants to safety? You be the judge

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • Object defies gravity
  • Object obviously intelligently controlled
  • Object maintains its speed and trajectory after being ejected.
  • Meteors don't spit out gravity defying objects



2015 : Lightning strikes UFO in Delaware

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • Object is too small to be the moon
  • Lightning strikes the object
  • Lightning can't strike the moon


2015 : Purple UFO disrupts TV show filming in Peru

Source: Huffington Post

I read about this sighting in the Huffington post you can read the article by clicking here. The camera man filming the show stopped filming the actors or anchors to film a purple UFO he saw in the distance.

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • Credible Source
  • No obvious CGI
  • High Quality Camera


2015 : 7 "Flaming" UFOs circle city in Chile

Source: Daily Mail

This video shows a bunch of what looks to be lit up flying saucers. I read about this sighting in an article on daily mail. To see that article click here.

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • All lights are solid no identifying flashes as regulated by FAA
  • Circling in peculiar patterns
  • Flight doesn't seem to be conventional



2015: NASA's space station camera picks up UFOs leaving Earth

Source: NASA

If you watch closely in this video, you will see three orb-like UFOs leaving Earth's atmosphere. Conveniently, right after this happens NASA cuts off the live ISS cameras public stream.

Reasons I Support This Video:

  • Credible Source
  • NASA conveniently cuts off camera stream
  • What else could those objects be?