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Mass Media



The illusion of choice:

I am very excited to discuss this topic. This topic is the first conspiracy I ever researched when I was 17. This was my first trip down the rabbit hole. Many people are not aware of the fact that every magazine, newspaper, radio, TV, and news station is owned and operated by only 6 companies. These companies may act like they are disconnected from one another but in reality they share the same bed. The consolidation of these companies not only brought major profits to this .1% of the population, but it also strengthens the web of control or the arms of the octopus. The rest of the companies not part of the major 6 are most likely internet based. You may ask, what does this have to do with symbolism? Well symbolism is every where in entertainment. Literally in everything you can think of: cartoons, sports, award shows, music videos, magazines, movies and TV shows. You can't avoid it. There are two more things I need to mention before we start breaking down the phenomena. The first is every major news station is tightly run by the CIA, and corporate interests. This was made possible by operation mockingbird in the 1950's. (This will have it's own page for you to read more) Another important thing that I must mention is that Hollywood is not fairy tales and happy endings. Well maybe happy endings but not the kind you would see in a fairy tale. Anyways, there is ample evidence that suggests Hollywood takes part in black magic rituals, sexual abuse, and even pedophilia. You can call them "Satanic" if you wish, they might prefer that term. But I see it as just plain evil. I personally don't believe there is one entity that embodies all of evil and controls a lower realm while influencing human activities on earth. I do believe in evil, demons, and evil entities however that do influence those who give up there free will willingly. Essentially my point of view can be explained through star wars. There is a force, its called consciousness. Like the force, consciousness depends on its wielder, it can be of the light or it can be of the dark side. We all have that choice as minor creators in this creator matrix we call reality. Additionally there are other factors that come into play such as mind control from project monarch and MK-Ultra. Everything mentioned above will have it's own page eventually for more of an in depth background and understanding of this topic. 


SymbolisM: What to look for


Hand signs:

First let's start with hand signs. Hand signs can take a few forms. Some include the covering of the mouth with a full hand or just one finger. Those are a little bit of a reach for me because they involve even more speculation than the others. The only time those are plausible in my opinion is when they are mixed with more symbolism which does happen. Let's start with the rocker.

The Rocker

This is where most people leave the research alone. The rocker is a very tough hand sign to prove but I believe where there's smoke there could be a fire. There is plenty of smoke too, trust me. This sign does in my opinion represent "Rock On." BUT I don't believe everyone in media who uses it, is a metal fan. You'll see why in the pictures. The main thing I have to mention is that most people who deliver the religious or fear porn side of conspiracy, claim it's the "devils horns". As a metal lover myself I always cringed at that notion but when I saw all these pictures I'm about to show you, I realized there has to be something more to this. I am by no means a Bible thumper. All of those who know me personally can vouch for this. But I will admit if the rock and devil horns theory is true it does align with the fact that a lot of metal is based on anger, hatred and in some cases evil. I can personally attest to this cause I was big into the hardcore music and death metal scene. I'm not saying I believe all metal and rock is of the devil who I don't believe in. But I am saying the evil correlation is there in some cases. (I still listen to metal to this day) I am beginning to think it's not the devil horns these celebrities are throwing either, I think they might be the horns of the owl god Moloch that the illuminati worships. We will break that down later in this page. Lets get to the pictures. Some I did edit to add a little humor (this is a dark subject) and some of them I did not edit. Keep in mind I am shedding light through humor but this is still an important topic.


The Number One Rocker......






That's right ladies and gentlemen, our number one rocker is the W himself. George Bush. Before anyone exits my site, I am not about to get political. I am not Republican or Democratic. I do not support any type of government we have or have had. Lets look at more pictures of W getting his rock on.

So our number one metal head goes out to president George Bush. Honestly though I can't imagine a man from Texas at his age listening to metal. No this is not the I love you in sign language either. The thumb is not rested on the fingers in that sign it's pointing outwards like spiderman. Get ready for these next rockers.

The other Rockers:

There are way more non metal heads throwing up the rocker but we must continue to more prevalent symbolism.


The A-Ok, "666", or Owl Eyes

This type of hand sign, can be aligned with OK, and I'm not here to say otherwise. But secret societies are infamous for either hiding things in plain sight or co opting other relics or symbols and making them their own. You might wonder how you can get the 666 from this sign. Well the circle made by the thumb and index finger, combined with the middle finger make the first 6. The ring and pinky finger make up the other 2 6's in a fractal or shadow like way.  In this evidence some will be the artist's intent like "yeah man the photographer wants me to throw up the OK sign I can do that." My point is this symbolism could be influenced by the people in the background, the directors, editors, and photographers etc. Remember 90% of media is controlled by 6 corporations. That provides a lot of control over small things like this. So unknowingly the artist or talent in the picture could be told to throw up the OK and that's what they think they are doing. But on a different level it could be hand signal to others in the know like the cabal or illuminati. They get off on this type of stuff. They love being blatant and getting away with it. BTW tell me that picture of lady gaga above doesn't remind you of the movie Exorcism of Emily Rose. I am specifically referring to the church scene where the guy walks in the church and emily is bent backwards like that screaming demonic stuff. Creepy

The A-Ok, 666, or owl eye throwers:

Either everybody is doing A-Ok or there is something going on here.


The Illuminati's Version of the All Seeing Eye


This next symbol is everywhere. It can take many forms. In most cases one eye is covered or circled by the A-OK sign while the other eye is completely wide open. This is a major symbol of the illuminati as they believe they are all seeing and all knowing like the symbol suggests. I personally believe the all seeing eye was co opted by the illuminati and was originally created as a positive and benevolent symbol in Egypt that represents the infinite Creator which to the Egyptians is known as Ra.

The One Eyed people

Yes even the crazy chef from that show is there. There are hundreds of one eyed movie posters out there but here is just a few of them to get the point across.

Some of the countless One Eyed Movie Posters

Believe me when I say there is countless one eyed movie posters. The all seeing eye symbol in the media also gets combined with the A-OK 666 symbol.

The All Seeing Eye & A-OK combo throwers

I'm gonna add my own speculative theory here. From all the research I have done over the years, I personally think this symbol could specifically be referring the owl deity that the Bohemian Grove worships, Moloch. This deity is the same deity the Canaanites sacrificed to in Biblical times. The Bohemian Grove is the annual meeting in California the illuminati holds. It is a tightly held secret with a police perimeter that surrounds it for miles. Nobody can go in without an invite. The people who show up are corporate, political and other types of leaders from around the world. It is the gathering of the most powerful money players in the world. I could go on so I'm just going to sum it up until the Bohemian Grove gets its own page. There is a ceremony that happens at the Bohemian Grove known as the "Cremation of Care." During this ritual, the elites of our society dress in hooded robes, and group chant while they perform a "mock" sacrifice of a "fake" child to their owl god Moloch. (Yeah right, probably a real one) So I believe the symbols in the pictures above could be giving the reference to owl eyes like Moloch. Here's the pictures from some of the previous "Cremation of Care" ceremonies over the century:

Bohemian Groves Cremation of Care

1981 ABC News Special on the Bohemian Grove

Bill o'reilly Reacts to Bohemian Grove caller

Not a fan of this Mark Dice guy, but I gotta admit hes got balls. This video and the next video are worth watching.


Glen Beck reacts to Bohemian Grove Caller

Two more things worth pointing out before we move on:

Owl on the dollar bill:

Also Mr. Illuminati as it gets, Henry Kissinger alongside NWO colleagues with an owl statue and hand sign:


The last all seeing eye symbol type we see is combined with a pyramid. This can form in two ways. The Jay-Z two hands together pyramid or the the index finger and middle finger forming a greater than or less than sign over an eye. Some of these may be related to Jay-Z hype but Jay-Z is also famous for saying some controversial statements that involve the illuminati. Sure, I never rule out publicity when it comes to certain things. Regardless something must be going on here and all I can say is secret societies love symbolism and anything they can slip by the masses. I'm not getting religious here either, I have to keep mentioning that because this side of the rabbit hole can be aligned with duality and religion. This is because the media is believed to be "Satanic." I don't believe in one entity embodying evil like I said earlier, but THEY might and you might too. Lets continue with more pictures.

The Pyramid over an Eye Hand Symbol

If you want to discount this all to a trend started by Jay-Z go ahead. But just so you know even Jay-Z wasn't the original creator of this "trend." A retired pro wrestler by the name of DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) started it.


Must Watch: Jim Carrey talks about Illuminati on Jimmy Kimmel

Jim Carrey is my hero, I love how he chose the opportunity to address this info when he is supposed to be promoting Dumb & Dumber 2. Not only does he mock the symbolism, he says the government hires the talk show hosts and he even alludes to the Bohemian Grove. In another clip from this show he even mentions zeitgeist and the distraction of the masses by media. Jim Carrey is a very aware person in Hollywood. He is known for doing many random acts of kindness for people and delivering inspiring quotes. Yes he is trying to be funny but as Shakespeare once said, "Many a true word hath been spoken in jest" & "Jesters do oft prove prophets."



Hidden Symbols, themes, & messages in media


Things hidden in kids cartoons, Shows & movies:

Creepy Music Videos Analyzed

Lil Wayne- My Homies Still (Movie Theater Shooting)

Push past the religious aspect and this video gets intense. Only need to watch the first 8 minutes. The comparisons or "coincidences" between Lil Wayne's music video and the Movie theater shooting is super creepy. One thing not mentioned in the video is the body count from the shooting allegedly matches the skeleton count in the movie theater in Wayne's video.


Rihanna Umbrella Symbolism:

This video shows an altered image of Rihanna's body being shaped into a baphomet like form.

Same music video, Rihanna throwing water shaped like baphomet.


Lady Gaga's creepy Telephone video

broken down:

If you want to read some of the slides you have to pause it, there is a lot of info so the guy speeds through it to cram it all in. Definitely worth watching.


Fetty Wap: "I'm a devil worshipper" 679

Let me start this one off by saying the guy who made this video is definitely a douchebag!! I am not promoting his statements, beliefs or opinions in this video only the evidence shown.


Rick Ross Illuminati ties and Rick Ross- I Got a Bitch Music video analysis

I included this video mainly for the "I Got a Bitch" breakdown but all of the other information presented is great too in my opinion.

Also while re-watching this video for this post I noticed a striking similarity. I could be reaching with this one, but I thought it was worth pointing out. What do you think?

Illuminati In the music industry Exposed


Professor Griff of Public enemy exposes Illuminati in Hip Hop


Here's a bonus video just for fun

Again I'm not getting political or religious, just thought the backwards version of the audio is a very interesting anomaly.