The Divine Archive shall be fully optimized and ready to use Fall 2017, I am very stoked. Yes it's a slow process but as Lao Tzu once said "Nature does not rush, yet everything is accomplished." You can't rush research and you can't rush perfection. (I am only one man in this current space/time hopefully there will be a full staff one day) A little background into why i cancelled my weekly monday releases: When I was posting the most recent page "Symbolism in Mass Media" I went really deep down the rabbit hole. After finishing the Bohemian Grove section and clicking the submit page button, the entire power source in my complex went dead. (literally as I clicked the button, I could even hear it as it happened.) Now keep in mind this was between 3-4am, a time where I was most likely the only one awake in my small complex and probably the only one who knew the power went dead for 5 minutes. Even the street lights flickered off, it was pitch black. You can rule this down to coincidence if you like although the astronomical math and statistics behind that probably wouldn't add up in my opinion. But I saw this as either some type of warning or way to scare me off or even a way of causing me to lose my Data. Not really sure so instead I will continue my work in the background and unleash pages in bulk wiki-leaks style. I am not afraid, and I am willing to become a martyr for the truth if necessary. "We work in the Dark to serve the Light" service to others over service to self. I have removed my self from the equation. Those who know me personally, know I am heavily inspired by quotes. Words are alchemical, they have substance and they have power. For example, "What we do in life, echoes in eternity" words like these are arranged to create and have power to them. Think about it, the way we deliver these words is through frequencies, sounds and vibrations that we are able to make. These three key aspects of how we deliver wordsare also the foundations of our reality, the world we experience, and the Universe we live in. Therefore words are powerful and are powerful tools to shape the world around us. Just a thought earlier I had and felt like sharing. Anyways, unfortunately I will not be able to make it to Conscious Life Expo in LA this year for the site due to lack of funds. Still trying to make moves for Contact in The Desert if the money works out. Also a major update, our crystal shop is now open on Etsy. You can find them here:    At the moment we are only selling golden calcite fossils that we dig locally but eventually with funding we will add diversity to the inventory with more crystal types like amethyst, quartz, etc. The cool thing about our local crystals is the fact that they form on ancient clam and whelk shells that are a couple million years old and are fossilized. The matrix they are embedded on is coquina, a local concrete like mix of sediment, shells and stone. Coquina was used to build the entire ancient city of St. Augustine. Also I forgot to mention earlier but another unique thing about them is that they are UV & Blacklight Reactive. Unlike other crystals and stones these glow!!

A Positive View of 2017:

Since 2012, I have had the most compelling feeling 2017 would be a pivotal year in either my life or humanity's. It's definitely a positive feeling not a martial law, planet x type of feeling but a something major is gonna happen in a positive and big way feeling. Potentially even a consciousness shift on a collective level. Many researchers believe this year will be a major one for UFO disclosure and others believe the great solar flash may happen this year. Whatever it is, I have the greatest feeling it will have a huge positive impact and that's exciting. If this feeling does not resonate with you, let me remind you the beginning months of the year are the most powerful numerology wise when it comes to shaping and manifesting the outcomes of our years. 2016 chewed me up, spat me back out and stomped me into the ground. I paid off a lot of karma and it kept on coming. But I'm stronger now because of it. The Universe knew I was ready and able to handle it at that time. That being said I feel the Universe may go easy on my lessons this year. (hopefully XD)


I could keep going but I need to get back to constructing the archive. If anybody actually reads these I honor your path and thank you for your support.

Much love,