I am very excited to have the opportunity to bring together all of the information I have studied over the years and share it with my friends and whoever else wants to read. If you are reading this I appreciate your time. This site will continue to grow and update forever. I plan to research and write about thousands of subjects. I will first start with major UFO research pages then major spirituality pages and after that cover up pages. I will continue to follow this cycle of page additions until I find a better workflow. If you have any topics you'd like for me to cover please email me at: SirITG@outlook.com Currently I am working on gathering funds for a shop. The shop will eventually contain: Merch, Crystals and other collectibles. Eventually I would like to put out a book. Maybe a book for kindle if I can't afford self publishing. I will also begin to make videos for the site explaining research this summer. I was going to add a comment section but I decided against it because trolls like to start arguments and I wish for this site to be a sanctuary of learning not a mosh pit for trolls. Also I'd like to establish that this information may be unsettling in certain categories and I want you to know that we are just shedding light on the subjects not giving them our power. Fear and hate are weak emotions therefore they must be shed before we take our journey down the rabbit hole to discover whats behind the veil. Remember we are all one.