I don't know where to begin with this update. I have been absent for a while dealing with some issues that were weighing heavily in my life. These issues caused me to lose my focus for a bit. But like every obstacle in my path these issues have finally been conquered and my psyche feels at peace. I have been re-attuning my vibration and I'm excited to finish this year strong. Anyways lets get to the updates. Decided I will attempt to stream on twitch once more. I'm going to stream my website, photo and video editing process under the creative channel. I will also be working virtual dj and music production from time to time. I will take time to stream games I feel have certain relevance to our current events. The major thing I will be doing is promoting a Spiritual, UFO, and Conspiracy chat and talk show while I work on whatever my current task is. I have also decided to write some kindle books to spread knowledge in a more user friendly format for people who like books. I will also be writing fiction books infused with true research and knowledge, especially in regards to epic tales of cosmic spirituality. Those books will range from $1-$3 depending on the length. The fiction books will cost a few dollars to support and help the site grow but the research books will be free and available to anyone who wishes to read them. No update on the shop or merch just yet but that will most likely roll out in 2017 if everything goes as planned financially. No class for me this semester so you know that time will be dedicated to this site and the grind. Currently I'm working on releasing a few pages in the next week. I know I have been absent on my monday deliveries but I'm catching up on a few things in my personal life and then its back to it. Much love everybody, stay safe.