My name is Ian, (A.K.A Sir Ian The Great or SITG) I started this website to spread what I believe to be vital information that I have researched over the years. Our societies stream of information is very limited, meaning we only hear about what they want us to hear about. Just like in SAPs (Special Access Programs) or Black Ops Programs the stream of information is compartmentalized and tightly controlled. Our entire mainstream news system is tightly run by the CIA and the 6 or so corporations that own every newspaper, radio station and television channel on the planet. Long story short for the sake of your time, the flow of information from the news is not only bull shit lies for the most part but its also filled with propaganda supporting the current elitist agenda. It's always "TERROR" this and "NEW VIRUS" that. Constant fear porn 24/7, and never an ounce of investigative journalism. This system is an illusion, it's one big lie mass produced eloquently to enslave you without you knowing it. I started this site to honor those who came before me, and to honor every researcher, whistle blower, hacker, and martyr that has fought or laid down their life in the battle for truth and freedom. I started this website to avenge every civilian casualty brought about from the wars of the greedy elite. I started this website to avenge my brothers in arms who fight and die for the rich mans war. I started this website for every single person who has been raped by this system. I am here to help wake up mankind t0 its infinite potential. I will do every thing in my power to stop the bastards who are damning this planet. This website is my declaration of war.

-SITG of The Brotherhood